Where Toyota Cars are Made in Australia

Toyota cars are made in many different countries where they sell their vehicles. Toyota Australia, for example, is where the majority of Toyota’s manufacturing takes place. In this blog post, we will discuss where Toyota cars are made in Australia and what that means for you as an Australian customer.

Did you know that there are about 20 plants where Toyota cars can be manufactured? The main one where all production happens is located at Altona near Melbourne. This plant has been manufacturing Toyotas since 1963 and it now produces over 350,000 units a year, making it the largest car assembly plant outside Japan!

In Japan Toyotas largest assembly plant is based in the northern city of Takaoka where they produce around 190,000 units a year. Their plant in the United States is based in Georgetown where they assemble about 159,000 cars annually.

Toyota Australia offers vehicles to people living all over Australia and New Zealand through their distribution centres located in Sydney and Brisbane respectively. Toyota also operates dealerships across other parts of the world including North America where consumers can buy new or used Toyotas from various locations such as San Diego, California; Irvine, California; Bellevue, Washington; Ann Arbor Michigan and so on.

The best selling Toyota cars in Australia in 2020 are the Camry (XSE), the Corolla (SR) and the Yaris. A popular segment in Toyota’s range is SUV models such as the RAV-R, the Fortuner and the Hilux which are very popular in Australia where many people live on large properties.

In 2020 there were some exciting new models from Toyota made available to Australians. The Supra was one such model that had been long-awaited by everyone who knew about its release date – 2019; another great addition to this year for Australian drivers was the all-new Camry (XSE) which boasted an updated design and greater fuel efficiency while still providing comfort.

##If you are concerned about fuel costs, Toyotas hybrid engines are some of the most efficient engines out there, and they don’t scrimp on performance either. The benefits of a hybrid engine include that it reduces emissions and produces fewer pollutants, which is great for the environment.

Toyota also has a range of SUVs that are perfect for those who need to transport more than one passenger (or their luggage) safely and comfortably.

You can find a Toyota on showroom floors or visit your closest dealership for more information. With over 300 nationwide, there are plenty to choose from- they have models that fit any need!

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