The History of Audi Cars: Where Are They Made Now?

Audi is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe. Where are Audi cars made? Where do they assemble their products? Where are Audi parts manufactured? The answer might surprise you! In this blog post, we will explore the history of Audi and where they manufacture their vehicles now. ##Audi’ first cars were made in Ingolstadt, […]

Where Toyota Cars are Made in Australia

Toyota cars are made in many different countries where they sell their vehicles. Toyota Australia, for example, is where the majority of Toyota’s manufacturing takes place. In this blog post, we will discuss where Toyota cars are made in Australia and what that means for you as an Australian customer. Did you know that there […]

DIY Guide to Removing Stickers from Your Car

If you have ever had a sticker on your car, then you know how hard it is to remove them. You can’t just peel them off because the sticky residue will remain and make it worse. This blog post will walk you through a few different methods that are easy and won’t damage your car’s […]